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TLC Health and HealthTransaction Network Partner to
offer an innovative alternative for the uninsured

IRVING, NY, January 31, 2008—TLC Health Network and HealthTransaction Network announce today that they have signed an agreement to partner on development of the TLC Health Card program. The program brings together the availability of primary and routine medical services at TLC Health service locations and the capabilities of an electronic health card transaction system to achieve timely and affordable health care services for the under and uninsured population of the tri-county region, as well as those without a primary care provider.

“We recently partnered with HealthTransaction Network to illustrate the benefits of an electronic health card transaction system for our under or uninsured population in accessing primary care services,” said Louis Frascella, TLC Health President and Chief Executive Officer. “Initially, we plan to offer services such as visits to a primary care practitioner, wellness services, routine diagnostic screenings, dental and vision services, and prescription drugs under a published fee schedule; however, we anticipate many other programs and services to develop from this relationship.”

Fundamentally, the TLC Health Card program is a “pay as you go” program that will take the uncertainty out of the cost of seeing a doctor. Once enrolled in this program, participants will be provided with a fee schedule that lists the discounted cost of TLC Health’s primary care, dental, or eye clinic visits, and all subsequent outpatient diagnostic procedures, such as routine x-rays and laboratory work. TLC Health is able to discount the fees in this program because the cost of billing has been eliminated. In addition, the program is expected to offer a prescription drug program that will rival retail pharmacies and participants will have access to other benefits such as free flu shots and preventative health services such as monthly blood pressure screenings. “The TLC Health Card program is just the beginning of an exciting new vision for TLC Health,” Frascella said. “We see our role as being good stewards of health care for all of our patients, not just those who have health insurance plans.” The program will also provide an avenue for those without access to health insurance to address small health problems before they become bigger ones which many times can become a prescription for disaster. “Everyone talks about doing something to address the problems faced by the uninsured population, but we are stepping up to the plate and really doing something about it,” added Frascella.

“When Americans cannot afford traditional health insurance, they are forced to make difficult choices,” said Joseph Wolfson, CEO of HealthTransaction Network. “Our role in this partnership is to provide the vehicle that allows Americans an attractive and affordable alternative to healthcare taking a backseat to life’s difficult choices.”

“TLC Health Network, a progressive and diverse health care organization, is embarking on a revolutionary new approach to serving the uninsured that will put them in a whole new league in caring for their community,” remarked Wolfson. “Initially, we look forward to launching this program in the communities that TLC Health serves and expanding the concept throughout the region and state over time.”

In fact, through the efforts of a joint board task force established for the purpose of creating a closer working relationship between TLC Health and Brooks Memorial Hospital in Dunkirk, it is expected that the program will be extended into Brooks Hospital’s service area in the coming months. “We see great value in offering similar programs and services to our community members as our relationship grows with TLC,” said Richard Ketcham, president and chief executive officer of Brooks Memorial Hospital.

TLC Health and HealthTransaction Network plan to share full details of the TLC Health Card program this spring and will enroll interested participants soon thereafter. Announcements about informational sessions will be advertised once scheduled.

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