Network Overview

WHAT IS HealthTransaction Network®?

  • The first national, shared healthcare transaction network in the U.S.
  • Operates similiar to ATM/POS networks that revolutionized the banking industry in the 1970's
  • Operates using a new high-tech transaction card and a technologically advanced electronica terminal device at healthcare provider locations throughout the United States.
  • HealthTransaction Network owns and operates a state-of-the-art transaction processing system/facility – utilizing industry leading processing hardware and software systems


  • Third party processing network that connects healthcare providers directly to consumers
  • Network securely processes transactions between providers and consumers
  • Will allow cardholders the ability to receive routine wellness and preventive care services at an affordable price, nationwide


Participation in the network is open to all healthcare providers and consumers throughout the U.S.
Focus is on the uninsured and underinsured population, nationwide
Current estimates indicate that approximately 50 million people are uninsured
Approximately 20% of the U.S. population, 59 million people, are considered to be underinsured
These two groups include:
Low income or poor people
Senior citizens
Young adults ages 23-35
Individuals with high deductible or catastrophic health insurance policies
Small business owners and their employees


Convenient access to affordable health care for consumers in their community
Improved cash flow for healthcare providers
Immediate payment at point-of-care
Elimination of claims processing and associated costs
Significantly reduce administrative expense
Streamline procedures, reduce paperwork
New customers will be introduced to healthcare providers
Reduce charity care and unnecessary emergency room visits