Merchant Processing

In addition to providing a national healthcare transaction network for routine wellness and preventive care services, HealthTransaction Network® is able to provide merchant services for its participating healthcare providers
Merchant processing is delivered through a strategic partnership with Fifth Third Bank
In the often confusing world of merchant processing and associated fee structures, HealthTransaction Network®, through Fifth Third Bank, generally has more competitive pricing because of the following:
1. Fifth Third Bank is one of the country's largest banks
2. Direct relationship with Visa and MasterCard, no third party intermediary
3. Ownership of the processing system and the settlement system
   a. This may eliminate many if not all of the current expenses being incurred


Hypercom T4220
1. The most capable IP and dial terminal currently available
2. Provides high levels of performance along with unmatched security
3. PCI PED approved

WHY HealthTransaction Network® MERCHANT PROCESSING?

HTN makes the sign-up for new customers extremely easy
Healthcare providers will find that our discount rates are much lower than other vendors in the market
There are no additional transaction fees above the discount rate
HTN makes the switch from your current vendor to our system a seamless transition
Switching to the T4220 will allow providers to participate in the nationwide network without the addition of new hardware - T4220 processes debit cards and credit cards, and, HTN provider and small business cards
 Partnered with
Fifth Third Bank